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Cadence Counsel’s FinTech Friday: A Bullish Approach To A Growing Market

This new initiative from Cadence Counsel shines the spotlight on legal leaders in an evolving space.

FinTech, a combination of “Finance” and “Technology,” is a current hot-button word. Whether in relation to the recent stock market events that brought meme lovers and at-home day traders together to create waves on Wall Street or to companies revolutionizing the personal banking space, the word encapsulates a diverse and dynamic industry.

“FinTech” originally described the technology utilized by companies, business owners, and consumers to improve their management, operations, processes, and development. More recently, however, the shift from large brick-and-mortar financial institutions to more consumer-oriented online services has also broadened the definition to include several different industries, and FinTech now includes a variety of companies in spaces as seemingly dissimilar as education, food, investment banking, retail, real estate, insurance, and cryptocurrency.

FinTech Friday, a weekly Q&A series and new initiative by Cadence Counsel Directors Melissa Cohen and Ashley McCall, seeks to highlight prominent attorneys in the FinTech space, showcasing the area’s diversity and dynamism. Combining a personal interest in the intersection of financial services and technology with the desire to provide exposure to well-qualified attorneys in the space, and to help engender conversations with and between attorneys on an upward professional trajectory, FinTech Friday has already attracted a great deal of interest in the market. Through this endeavor, Melissa and Ashley have been able to speak with leading attorneys at a number of large and up-and-coming FinTech companies, with a focus on the representation of female and diverse talent. FinTech is a sprawling space, and it draws from a phenomenal talent pool.

Over the last few weeks, Melissa and Ashley have published interviews with attorneys whose experience includes Am Law firms (Tracee Davis), big banks, startups and unicorns (Julie Lickstein), and companies that are helping ease the struggle of COVID for some essential businesses (Damier Xandrine). Going forward, Cadence Counsel will continue to focus on these consumer-oriented organizations, as well as the talent that is playing an integral role in their growth. Ashley and Melissa pride themselves on bringing advice and insights from legal leaders in the space to Cadence Counsel’s audience of attorneys and corporate leaders.

For more information on FinTech and FinTech companies, or to review these thought-provoking Q&As, please connect with Cadence Counsel on LinkedIn and Twitter. Keep an eye out for Cadence’s weekly FinTech Friday feature—and for some exciting related offers that will soon be coming down the pike. If you would like to learn more about FinTech Friday and how you can be featured, or if you are interested in otherwise collaborating with Cadence Counsel, please reach out to Melissa Cohen () and Ashley McCall ().

We look forward to hearing from you. Happy FinTech Friday!